Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Effective Combination of Social Media and Your Web Videos to Promote Your Product

When you are a business selling a product that has competitors, you risk be overshadowed and lost in the shuffle. You need a way to rise above the crowd and show that you may have a product that someone else does, but you have something special to offer them or a unique perspective on the product. The internet has a vast scope of opportunity to afford a business if you know how to navigate through this territory.
An innovative and effective way to market your product online is through the use of web video. Web video provides you with the ability to explore various ways to market your product besides using text on a webpage. The demographic of people that watch videos has spread all over the world with internet devices being less costly and so widely used. People watch videos as a source of entertainment and information. Sites like YouTube and Facebook then make it possible for the audience to share these videos and to further your span of business.
There are two important elements when it comes to creating a successful web video. This is, how they are going to be used, and how do they look. Employ a professional video productions company when it comes to the task of producing a web video. It will eliminate the headache of potentially wasting time and money if you consider taking this upon yourself.
Now you’re asking, “How do I use social media networking sites to effectively spread and market my material?” First you are going to have to post your video on all of the social media networks that you use. Start with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. These are the most used social media outlets around and it will ensure that you reach a larger range of people. Invite your viewers to comment and share your video. Ask for feedback regarding whether the video was useful or entertaining. Also you want to strive for the elusive viral video. These are phenomenon’s that circle the web and gain insane amount of views. It’s hard to determine the elements that create a viral video but staying safe with a boring video will capture no one’s attention.
Videos are the most shared content on the web. An internet user is five times more likely to share your web video content, than any text content you could release. Your company or product cannot afford to ignore such statistics, when the solution poses a great deal of benefits that can launch you into success.
Combine video and social media networks in order to maximize the promotion of your business, product or service online. Even with just one video, you will be able to reach billions of people all over the world. YouTube alone gets about 3 billion hits per day. This is even without the amount of video shares and re-tweets that a video can get through other social networking sites. You company needs to capitalize on these numbers and grab a slice of the web video promotion through social media pie.


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  2. It can’t be denied that social media has led a multitude of alternative marketing opportunities to business owners. Just imagine the millions of users Facebook and Twitter have. All you need to do is construct content relevant to your customers and suppliers at a steady rate, to add significance to your product or service.

    Tiffaney Alves